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Imagine if you knew exactly how to be that man women desire! The man that woman find alluring and irresistible and just can’t get enough of. If you were then tons of women would approachyou!
Do you want to stop being lonely and feeling alone?

Do you finally want to feel & live knowing what woman want and become irresistible?

Do you want to have passionate, meaningful sex with a woman you're desired by?

Is there a woman out there that you want and you want her to desire you?

Do you want to get out of friend-zone?

Nothing is off limits! I am here for you!!!
“I reached out to Apollonia for a private coaching session because I saw her YouTube Videos. I was trying to attract a woman that I had feelings for and she asked for space. Now, I have her chasing me and Apollonia even helped with my confidence and dating apps. I am scoring dates like crazy, having fun, and really focused on finding the right woman.” 
-Samer 35 Australia 

Women want a man that is grounded, stable, and fearless! A man that does not get bothered by our fears, attitude, andrejections. 

Whether you're looking for that “special girl” or looking to build your confidence and attraction…

I bet you had moments where you wanted to approach a certain woman and not know what to say or even what to do!

It could have been a woman that was beautiful and out of your league, or you possibly had this voice say “you’re going to say something stupid, she won’t like you.” Or just letting fear ruin your chances of attracting and understanding a woman! 

"Most guys don’t know what to say, what to do, how to act, how to attract a beautiful girl, what women want, and ultimately how to make her want you MORE! You will know how to stick out from other guys, and the list goes on! "
Coaching Calls Via Phone, Skype, and WhatsApp 
"That’s why I’m here! Whether your single and trying to attract a woman you want, become more desirable, get your ex to notice you again, or even build attraction in your current relationship you have come to the right place. "
I know there are a lot of “experts” and “coaches” out there but I am determined to help men get exactly what they want and who else to do this then...

1. A Woman Herself!
2. A Woman Who's Interviewed and Worked With Thousands of Men.
3. A Woman That Has The Most Successful Secrets No One Has. 
4. An Emotional Intelligence, ICF Certified Coach, and License NLP Coach. 
5. Knows How a Woman’s Mind and Body Operates!

And so much more!  

With me, you will get the truth in everything we talk about, key principles in what you may be missing and actionable goals to work towards to make sure these are attainable.

A relationship that is of value to me personally because my clients are also my friends. (This is the difference between someone being a coach to be a coach and someone who is a coach because they value what they do.)

Balanced with experience and wisdom from a woman herself!
    "Let's talk about the good news when booking a private session with me."
    I coach you through any situation you may be going through. Trust me when I say this. Nothing surprises me and I have heard it all! 

    I give YOU the option. 

    Many coaches do email coaching sessions which I know can help plenty and you might even prefer that but there is something to be said about a coach that will pick up the phone and speak to you via Skype or Phone.

    And our relationship doesn’t stop there….
    This is just not a coaching session where I talk to you for 30 min or 1 hr. and then you never hear from me again. Oh no, I’m here with you every step of the way. 
    See what others have to say…
    “Apollonia and I first started talking when I was single. I liked this woman and she worked with me to attracting her into my life. A couple years of relationship coaching with Apollonia our friendship continued for 3 yrs and in counting. I have proposed and I am happy to say that I know I have Apollonia a lifelong friend in my life as my relationship has its good days and not so good days. Apollonia has helped me so much and it’s so awesome to know she’s right by my side. “
    –Antonio 41, Texas

    “These email coaching sessions have helped a lot, this is all that I need to go on with. Thank you so much for your reply, and insight into everything. It has helped me to understand this situation a lot more after reading this. I’m so happy I made the move to do this. You were right! I needed an email coaching session! LOL” 
    –Ivan 25 Wales

    “My wife lost attraction for me. Wow, was I in a dark place. The first conversation I will always remember with Apollonia. She understood, was honest, but also has a way of shining light on even the dull situations. Marriage takes work and Apollonia is so knowledgeable I wasn’t convinced until I worked with her. Apollonia thank you for helping me see things differently in my marriage.”
     -Bit 57 California
    Results! Results! Results!

    Learn the confidence and skills it takes to approach a woman… You can see this woman out at a bar, in a group of friends, work, or even if you are a CEO of a company and don’t know how to approach her to get her to notice you.

    Stop being taken for granted or fall into the friend-zone… understand what makes you a desirable man to attract women.

    You want to know how to get a girl’s number…. Score a date with her and then understand what to do afterward.

    How to tell if she’s really into you… and what to do next. Call, Text, Date!?

    How to communicate effectively with a woman and set boundaries… so you’re not taken for granted or taken advantage of.

    How to get her to go from dating to relationship … so, she can finally be your girlfriend!

    What to do after the famous words “I need space” … give her space and get her to not take you for granted again and make her more in love with you than ever!

    How to know when a woman is sexually interested in you and how to please her…how to make it the most amazing seductive experience for her and you.

    How to not come off too available and get her to desire you... attract her so your the only one she desires. 

    How to stop attracting toxic women… once and for all!

    Enhance your current love life or issues in your current relationship… breakup or marriage

    "If you want to make a difference in your love life now is the time! Invest in your love life!"
    Coaching is my #1 priority before anything else in my business. This is where the true value comes in and this is what makes me different.

    Yes, I have a long list of appearances, content creation, speeches, and videos to make but I make time for it as this is what will truly make the difference. I am not here to sell you anything. I am here to make a difference.

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    Coaching Calls Via Phone, Skype, and WhatsApp 
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